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Last Updated 3rd June 2012 

Carn Eighe and Mam Sodhail A long, enjoyable day in the Glen Affric hills
Beinn Damph We climbed the best Corbett in Scotland.....again!!
Tom a' Choinich and Toll Creagach An extreme training walk in Glen Affric
Coire Ardair A winter walk to one of the best corries in Scotland
Photos, Autumn 2011 The photographs from our autumn holiday in South Wales, 2011.
Photos, Winter 2012 The photographs from our winter holiday in Scotland, 2012.
Coming soon: Walk logs of The Glyders, Y Garn from Llyn Ogwen, Maol Chean-dearg ( Torridon - twice!! ), Mullach an Rathain ( Liathach, Torridon ), Gleouraich ( Loch Quoich, Knoydart ), Meall na Teanga ( Loch Lochy ) and the Brecon Beacons Horseshoe.

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All our walk logs now feature Ordnance Survey maps that can be scrolled and zoomed by the viewer. The route overlays used on these are from the GPS data recorded as we walk - so you will even be able to see where we went wrong!!

Alan on the summit of Creag Pitridh, 2011My name is Alan Milne. I am 56 years old, proud to be of Scottish blood, live in Reading, and have been hill-walking on and off since I took my Duke of Edinburgh's award at the age of 16.

Whilst it might seem that I have been pursuing this interest for a number of years, I do not claim to be a highly experienced member of the hill-walking fraternity, as I have only had time to climb on my annual visits to Scotland. Those who know the country will realise that walking time is greatly affected by the weather, and by the number of other things to be done (fishing, sitting in the pub with friends, the odd ceilidh, etc....). Until I started winter-walking, I could only fit in one or two walks each year.

Since meeting my partner Linda, and discovering that she also has a passion for the hills, we have started to devote much more time to this pursuit.

Linda on the summit of Beinn Damph, 2011My name is Linda Lee. I discovered my liking for hill-walking when, at the age of 15, I climbed Snowdon on a school trip to Wales. However, being born and living in Reading with parents that liked the seaside, my next chance for any hill-walking was when I visited the south-west of Ireland a number of years later and did some walking on the Macgillycuddy Reeks. I have also completed sections of the Torrs Walk around Cornwall.

The first time I went to Scotland with Alan, I was smitten, the breath-taking scenery and the rugged nature of the West coast was unbelievable. Several years later, with quite a few hills under my belt, I enjoy it even more. The wildlife, the exercise, the stunning scenery and the people you meet along the way all make it very special. There is nothing to compare with the feeling of popping out on to a ridge, and the view that goes with it. It's a great feeling to go on holiday and come back fit and half a stone lighter, despite eating and drinking all you like.

The purpose of this website is to share our experiences of hill-walking in Scotland (and other interesting places in the UK) with others. We have included logs of walks and climbs, photographs, and some of our thoughts on subjects related to hill-walking. As we have already said, we do not claim to be experts in this field, but we feel that some of our experiences may be of interest to others. If you are planning a walk or climb that is in one of our logs, you may find that the information contained sheds more light on the subject.

If you wish to comment on any of the subjects we have touched on, then please feel free to use our guestbook (pedantic or negative comments may well be treated with disdain, you have been warned).

Please note: we can not be held responsible for anything that you do with any information you may find on this website, as some of it may be out of date, and conditions constantly change on the hills. Please ensure that you are fully prepared for any eventualities that may occur when hill-walking. If you are at all unsure - don't do it!!